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Retirement Badges

Celebrating your retirement with a party? How about having badges showing you through your career?

As well as being a great ice breaker, it'll give your guests something to remember you by ... and they can act as a reminder that there is life after work :-)


The most popular sizes for retirement party badges are either the 58mm button badge (which is the size that you typically get on birthday cards) or 75mm button badges (which are less "subtle" and a lot more fun!)


Badges can include photographs as well as text, which can be placed anywhere on the badge - even wrapped around the edge should you so require.


We can even colour match to your party theme and/or your old "corporate colours" should you so require.




More About Our Retirement Badges & Next Steps

Available in 4 different sizes, our round retirement badges are manufactured to the highest standard using your own design. The sizes on offer are: 25mm, 38mm, 58mm and 75mm (1", 1½", 2¼", 3").


The badges are made up of 3 layers - the base metal layer, the printed design layer and the film layer.


To ensure the highest quality product, we use genuine manufacturers ink combined with heavyweight matt paper. This combination of quality components ensures that your design is fade resistant.


You can either design your own badge right now using our unique design online service or if you have your artwork to hand, then you can send us your files straight away. And if that isn't flexible enough for you, you can always contact us.