Domed Labels

Domed Labels

Using the exact same process as we do for our resin badges, we can create domed labels.

Domed labels can be produced in any shape or size that you require up to a maximum of 210mm x 210mm.

The adhesive backing is very strong and will attach to almost any clean surface.

The resin itself does have a degree of "play" and so these labels can be applied to surfaces that are slightly curved.

To ensure the highest quality product, we use genuine manufacturers ink combined with top of the range specialist adhesive paper.

To get started, if you have your artwork to hand, then you can send us your files straight away or you can contact us to discuss your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Domed Labels

We do have a formal FAQ, which has answers to the most common questions, but, we all hate clicking links, so here are the key points about our button badge service:

  • While the resin and adhesive backing are quoted as being weather proof , but we would not recommend using domed stickers in areas where a consistently high degree of moisture is likely.
  • The domed labels are printed using digital printers and so artwork should be supplied in CMYK format.
  • The shapes can be pretty much anything you want, but they do need to be solid, without holes in the middle.

If you still have questions, then please feel free to contact us.