School Badges

School Badges

Badges have long been used to reward pupils for their academic achievements, identifying roles within the school such as mentor, prefect and so forth, as well as showing which clubs and activities that the pupil participates in.

Aside from the students, within the school there are a plethora of teachers and support staff who all require name badges as per the OFSTED guidelines.

At Badge Boy we work closely with schools and colleges to create bespoke badges for your school. Our operational infrastructure means that we can produce a variety of custom school badges within tight deadlines and rather uniquely, we can also personalise each badge.

Our most popular form of badge for schools is our 25mm button badge, although younger children do like the 58mm size as well.

For school clubs and activity membership badges, our round framed resin badges with bespoke artwork are extremely popular and durable.

Next Steps & Payment Terms For School Badges

In terms of getting started, you can either design your own badge right now using our unique design online service or if you have your artwork to hand, then you can send us your files straight away. And if that isn't flexible enough for you, you can always contact us.

As for payment terms for school badges - having worked with hundreds of schools over the years we fully understand that not every school issues it's staff with credit cards and that in many cases, it's the local council that is responsible for paying invoices.

We don't want paperwork and procedure to stand in the way of us producing your school badges and so, as well as online payment for those who do have a card, we will also take orders using a Purchase Order Number ... just contact us to discuss your requirements.