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Our Products

Button Badges

Our button badges are available in 4 different sizes: 25mm, 38mm, 58mm and 75mm (1", 1½", 2¼", 3"), the badges are made up of 3 layers - the base metal layer, the printed design layer and the film layer.

Resin Badges

Resin Badges, also known as Domed Badges, are ideal for name badges and our high gloss, UV stable resin ensures a badge with crystal clarity - thereby creating an impressive and professional image

Framed Badges

Our framed badges are produced in the same manner as our resin badges, but are seated within a stylish gold or silver effect frame to create a badge with that all important "something extra"

Clutch Back Badges

Clutch back badges are a resin badge set inside a plated metal frame. Frames can either be round or square and come in 2 sizes. The attachment is similar to an earing and so is suitable for jacket/coat lapels.

Magnetic Badges

Our magnetic backed badges are for use when a pin attachment is not suitable for the clothing that it'll be attached to. All but the smallest of our badges can be supplied with a magnetic back.

Engraved Badges

Our engraved badges are a cost effective option for creating professional name badges for work, school, clubs, shops, care homes etc. Available in a wide range of colour/font combinations.

Reusable Name Badges

Staff name badges that are as flexible as your business!
Swap & replace names instantly. Simply print & replace for professional looking Reusable Name Badges at a fraction of the cost of permanent name badges.

Domed Labels

Domed labels are printed adhesive labels with a resin dome applied on the design. Being domed they are made to last and are suitable for a variety of purposes and can be made to most shapes and sizes.

Stock Badges

We can print anything that you would like on a badge and we have a library of several thousand designs. Any of the designs can be easily modified online to create your own Personalised Badge.