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38mm Compassion In Politics badge

Compassion has the power to change politics for good.

​From climate change to Trump and the divisions over Brexit, from the lives of refugees lost at sea to the increase in poverty.

Yet compassion has been edged out of the political debate, replaced by a politics of fear, anger, and divisions and a narrative which emphasises individual success over collective well-being and happiness.

And yet, when we look at ourselves and our lives it seems pretty obvious that we are so much more than that. We love, care, volunteer, help and support. Our proudest political achievements as a nation – the introduction of the NHS, the Kindertransport which rescued 10,000 Jewish children from the Nazis, the legalisation of homosexuality – were all built on compassionate principles.

What if instead of rewarding selfadvancement and encouraging greed we celebrated and cultivated those types of policy and the values that they represent?​

Through a new kind of politics and with a new set of values at the heart of decision-making we can create a nation that cares for one another, improves everyone’s lives, and protects our natural world.

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